Sorbet (dairy-free)



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Blackcurrant Sorbet
Bursting with berries wholesomeness, this blackcurrant sorbe
Cherry Sorbet
Stylish, luscious, cherry-licious cold treat, yes, that's ho
Coconut Sorbet
A simple, beautiful, perfect cold treat on a warm day! And i
Grapefruit Yuzu Sorbet
With bright tart unique citrus flavours, this sorbet makes a
Lemon Lime Sorbet
Combine some sun-kissed lemons with juicy lime bits, and her
Lemon Sorbet
Refreshing and light, this will be your best choice for hot
Lychee Sorbet
Lychees are quite a rare gem to find, well, let us get them
Mango Sorbet
Made with premium quality ingredients for our signature trad
Passionfruit Sorbet
Tropical, tangy and light, Passionfruit sorbet is probably o
Raspberry Lychee Sorbet
This is one sorbet with a hint of sweetness from lychees, ye
Raspberry Sorbet
We think raspberry sorbet is the refreshing, fruity dessert
Soursop Sorbet
Soursop sorbet is super refreshing, and perfect for hot days