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Alfero Artisan Gelato aims to bring to Singapore the real experience of homemade Italian gelato produced with the best quality of imported ingredients and freshness and taste guaranteed. It is designed and catered to the market with a whole unique taste of authentic Italian products with quality assured. Alfero Artisan Gelato is the true Italian gelato that even the Godfather loves it!

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Handcrafted Dessert
Making a perfect gelato is an artisanal skill that requires intense control and the personal touch of its process. Marco Alfero is the passionate drive of perfecting the art of Italian ice-cream making, positioning his brand as one of the tops of its class of gourmet ice-cream.

Maintaining Traditions
Throughout the manufacturing process to the storage of our gelato, we are achieving a perfectly smooth product with ice crystals of the exact correct size, so that every mouthful is a pleasure.

Bringing the Flavours
When customers taste our gelato, there should be no doubt that what they are experiencing is the best gelato one has ever tasted. By using only 100% natural ingredients of the highest quality, the taste speaks for itself. The manufacturing process itself makes our gelato denser by keeping air bubbles from forming and a low-fat content brings more of the flavours out as fats coats the tongue dampening the way we experience flavours.

Offering a Healthier Product
Being 96% FAT-FREE, our customers can enjoy a guilt-free treat anytime they want and be assured that the gelato is without any artificial flavourings and colourings. The ingredients of fruits and nuts bring a high nutritional value to our gelato.