Alfero In The Limelight




Alfero In The Limelight

Alfero In The Limelight

"Alfero Artisan Gelato is definitely one of my favourites." 
~ The New Paper

"Blueberry cheesecake gelato filled with plenty of fresh berries and Bacio gelato, just two of the many delicious gelato flavours by Alfero Artisan Gelato which we got to savour!" 
~ Kiss92FM

“We truly enjoy our fair share of super lovely gelato from Alfero Gelato!” 
~ UFM100.3FM

"Alfero Gelato hawks Italian gelato made by owner Marco Alfero, who learnt the craft from a gelato university back home." 
~ 8 Days

"This is really one of the few places where they stand by the real Italian gelato tradition." 

“There’s no gimmick involved, just pure dessert bliss to savour at Alfero Artisan Gelato.” 

“Best gelato in Singapore! The gelato reminds me of the ones we usually have in Italy.” 

"Alfero Artisan Gelato... I can believe it's the BEST gelato in Singapore." 

“After sampling all of the gelato flavors, I gotta agree with others that Marco is the Godfather of Gelato. I can appreciate the hard work which he had put into the creation of his gelato and he is truly an artisan in this craft of gelato making.” 
~ The Moonberry Blog