Our Laboratory

The real authentic Italian gelato is made using the best ingredients imported from different parts of the world with high technology machines designed and built to comply with international safety and hygiene laws.

We rigorously follow every step to ensure the best gelato is produced. A pasteurizer machine was imported where a mixture of ingredients will be pasteurized till 90 degrees Celsius and all bacteria will be destroyed. Thereafter the mixture is stored at 4 degrees Celsius for at least 12 hours to achieve the excellent mix between solids and liquids for the perfect texture and smoothness. The gelato will then be ready to be transferred to the BATCH FREEZER where the real gelato is ready to be sold from our POZZETTO cabinet.


In order to achieve perfection during the conservation phase, a special cabinet called “pozzetto” is used to store the gelato where no air and light contamination would affect the quality of the gelato. With the use of Pozzetto, customers are ensured an unforgettable gelato experience with perfect consistency, smoothness and taste.

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