To give a sweet sensation, we will mix the top quality Italian chocolates that will give our flavour an extraordinary taste. The natural presence of cacao butter mixed with low fat contents provides an intense and incredible chew ability.

Tahitian Vanilla

Made with real vanilla beans from Tahiti, the beans are supple, oilier and much plumper with many more seeds per bean. It is also known for its smooth and shiny texture. The high quality and limited availability has given to the Tahitian vanilla orchid an extraordinary exclusivity. It is definitely considered a gourmet product with a well rounded, rich and yet delicate flavour and aroma. All the top master gourmet chefs have expressed their preference in using it in their dishes where subtle floral flavour is required.

Bronte Pistachio

Known as the "green gold" pistachio, Bronte is produced in a rugged land at the base of Etna volcano in Sicily Island, Italy. This type of pistachio is a pure Eden with unique fruit flavour and aroma that has been universally recognized as unique in the world. The bronte pistachio is sweet, delicate with aromatic flavour. Among the various qualities cultivated in the Mediterranean and the Americas has its' own colour, and organoleptic qualities that make it unique in the world with a sweet taste that the fruit produced elsewhere have

Piedmont Hazelnut Tonda Gentile

Labelling "Piedmont Hazelnuts" or "Hazelnut of Piedmont" means Tonda Gentile, a hazelnut worldwide well known as a superior fruit. Recognized as IGP (protected geographical indication), is the only hazelnut with extraordinary characteristic. It is cultivated in Piedmont Region in the north west of Italy and it is recognized by its hard and full shell, which allows good yields (40% - 50%). It is particularly appreciated by the confectionery industry for its quality parameters such as spherical shape of the seed, excellent taste and flavor after roasting, high peel, and good shelf life. For these reasons, hazelnut tonda gentile is universally known as the best in the world.

Noto Almonds

These types of almonds are cultivated around Noto, a small town in the heart of Sicily Island in the south of Italy. They are considered the most prestigious in the world due to their unique aroma and taste. In Noto, all the almonds are still picked from the trees using the ancient ritual where almond tree branches are beaten by long canes. The process terminates with the falling down of the almonds on specific sheets laid on the ground.


In order to provide the most aromatic flavour, we have decided to prepare the best Arabic coffee directly from our espresso coffee machine. Only in this way we can guarantee an intense aroma mixed with a superb and elegant finesse. An intense flavour with a sophisticated charm, which becomes a real must for our coffee lovers.

Milk and Whipping Cream

Only fresh milk and whipping cream are used to maintain the high nutritional value.


Only fresh eggs are used and the separation of egg whites and egg yolks are done manually to guarantee freshness.


All fruits are freshly imported from different parts of the world.
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