Owner: Marco Alfero (Italian)

With a background in Accounting and Finance, Marco Alfero was a Finance Manager in the semiconductor industry for more than 10 years. As a kid, he has always love eating gelato and would even eat gelato like a regular meal. He still loves eating gelato and has always dreamed of becoming a gelato chef. After being in the corporate world for 15 years, Alfero has decided to pursue his dream and take on a professional approach to fulfil his passion.

He is trained and certified by the Gelato University of Carpigiani in Italy. In September 2011, he opened his first gelato cafe in Marina Square. His other retail shop in MacPherson Lane (which is also a laboratory where the gelato is freshly made) was opened a month later.

Alfero imports most if not all of the best ingredients from Italy or Europe (apart from Mango, VANILLA, Durian and Green Tea) as he aims to achieve excellence in the gelato he makes. While his fair competitors chose to showcase their gelato in the conventional display cabinets, Alfero is brave to be the first person in Asia to store his gelato in a pozzetto* cabinet. He knows he has a lot of work to do in terms of educating the customers the wonders of the pozzetto but he is confident that his choice is right. So far the responses from customers are very positive and the general consensus is that Alfero Gelato is very fresh, creamy and smooth.

Our Retail Store

MacPherson Lane Marina Square

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